FUN // Fun is a high value to students.  We believe fun is a God thing.  We love to have fun!  For more on the value of fun, READ THIS.


WORSHIP // We believe worship is a lifestyle (Romans 12:1).  Worship isn't just something done on Sundays or Wednesdays.  We discourage a compartmentalized faith and encourage students to allow God to blow the doors open to the full life He offers.


HOSPITALITY // Everyone is someone whom God created and for whom Christ died.  As a result, each and every person deserves dignity and respect.  We want to be a people generous with our words, looks, time, space, and relationships (Romans 12:11-13).  


OWNERSHIP // We believe that God has great plans for each with the gifts He's given (Ephesians 2:10). The realization of those plans and gifts can begin now.  We want students to be highly invested in the planning and implementation of our programs that fosters enthusiasm and pride.  


REALationships // We've heard it said that 90% of an iceberg is underwater; we only see 10%.  Many of us live our lives like an iceberg.  We want to help students develop REALationships that dare to dive into the depths of the 90%.  We provide safe places and times for students to express their struggles and doubts and find encouragement among other students and caring, adult leaders.  


WISE CHOICES // We love to think things through.  We want students to love thinking things through as well.  If ever in doubt, know that we've thought it through and encouraged students to do the same.  

3905 Clinton Rd. Jackson, MI 49201



Sunday @11:15am

Grades 6-8

Sunday @6:30pm

Grades 9-12

JaxNaz Youth is a ministry of JaxNaz Church